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60’s prototype of a Home Computer June 27, 2007

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oldest-computer.jpgstrong>Wanna see what was imagined by the scientist’s of 60’s?
This picture says it all.



1. Mark - September 30, 2007

This did not make sense to me. I googled it, and this is what I found:


Comments: Albeit significantly doctored, what you actually see in the image above is a full-scale mock-up of the maneuvering room of a nuclear submarine.

The original photograph, taken at a Smithsonian Institution exhibit called “Fast Attacks and Boomers: Submarines of the Cold War,” became the basis of a Fark.com Photoshop contest in September 2004, for which the above image, including caption, was created.

The caption reads:

Scientists from the RAND corporation have created this model to illustrate how a “Home Computer” could look like in the year 2004. However, the needed technology will not be economically feasible for the average home. Also the scientists readily admit that the computer will require not yet invented technology to actually work, but 50 years from now scientific progress is expected to solve these problems. With teletype interface and the FORTRAN language, the computer will be easy to use.
Which is just silly, if you think about it. Why would engineers waste their valuable time building a mock-up of a “home computer” that no one could afford? There is nothing “easy to use” about a teletype interface and the FORTRAN programming language.
Given that even the smallest functioning computers in the 1950s were big enough to fill a master bedroom, no one at the time could have envisioned them becoming home appliances. Remington Rand’s UNIVAC I, the very first commercial computer made in the United States, weighed 29,000 pounds and occupied over 350 square feet of floor space. Like other computer models of the time, it didn’t have a video monitor, let alone a steering wheel.

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2. dfhdjgj - October 17, 2008


3. man - October 17, 2008

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4. juj - April 3, 2009


5. work at home income425 - July 15, 2010

Terrific website, I hadn’t noticed rajivtayal.wordpress.com before in my searches

here are a few words of chaos:
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6. shape5 - April 6, 2014

aww shit, no wonder. i was cracking up so hard w/ that steering wheel, but now it’s not funny anymore 😦 heheh

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